Policies & Resources

The items I make are one-of-a-kind pieces of reclaimed precious metals and genuine gemstones. There are no templates or molds used in any part of my fabrication process and the tools I use are purposely limited to stay true to the art of handmade jewelry. There are inconsistencies and natural character that will make every piece of jewelry truly unique for you which should be expected and appreciated. I forge, hammer, saw, solder, tweak, twist, stamp, texture and polish everything by hand and with skill, taking the time it requires to produce beautiful, solid pieces of heirloom quality jewelry. Thank you for considering my work. It's an honor to create for you. -Shannon McIntyre

Shipping: Domestic & International

All listings are available to ship within one week once unless the product listing says otherwise. I use USPS 1st Class services for a transit time frame of 2-5 business days and the shipping charge is a flat-rate of $6. Unconfirmed addresses or shipping to a home that isn't your own will result in Signature Release delivery. All shipping charges are responsibility of the buyer. If more than one item is purchased the additional shipping charge will be refunded to you. *After your purchase through my website you should receive separate order and shipping confirmations sent on my behalf. Please check your Spam folder if those are not coming to your primary inbox.

International Shipping: Currently, I charge a flat-rate $13 for USPS 1st Class International shipping services. USPS in any form does not offer tracking overseas until it hits your doorstep or postbox. Due to customs requirements and the shipping carrier's methods I have no way to estimate timeframe of delivery or the potential taxes. You should be able to estimate this with your Postmaster or Customs office. Please understand that international shipping could delay your item to you by 1 week up to 30 days. 

I cannot be held responsible for loss, damage or late delivery for any item I send.

Returns & Exchanges

Returns: I hope that you’ve taken the time to read about the jewelry I make, how it’s made, and the intention that goes into each piece. Please, please, please be sure of your preferences and sizes prior to your order. Ring and wrist sizing usually do not fare well when they are guessed. I’m very descriptive in my product listings with measurements and sizes being accurately noted. Due to the nature of my small handcraft business all purchases should be intended as non-returnable. However, I do aim for an amicable shopping experience for us both and understand that certain circumstances can arise.

Please do not hesitate to contact me immediately if your jewelry doesn’t meet your expectations of what hand-crafted jewelry is. Item(s) must be sent within 7 days in its brand new condition. I ask that you pay for the return shipping. Refunds will be given once I have the item(s) in hand, less the original shipping charge. I highly recommend tracking/insurance and that the jewelry is carefully packed in it's original shipping box. If the item is not received by me in its brand new condition, the loss of its value or the time spent for me to bring it back up to resalable condition will be deducted from the original purchase price.

Exchanges: In most cases I am unable to accomodate an exchange request. 

Precious Metals & Gems

Precious Metals: All precious metals used in my jewelry are reclaimed, or recycled. I fully support the use of reclaimed metals, and the use of sustainable and ethical business practices. All the reclaimed metals used in making my jewelry are guaranteed their stated purity, whether I purchase from my industry trade vendor or melt down and reclaim the scrap material myself. I do not use copper, brass, or gold/silver plating in any of my jewelry. I do not use gold-fill in my jewelry; that is a fusion of metals that cannot be recycled outside of it's original form.

Gemstones: All stones and fine gems used in my jewelry are mined. They are not synthetic, simulated, imitation, composite, reconstituted or dyed. 

Turquoise: I focus heavily on turquoise stones. Roughly 3% of turquoise mined worldwide for jewelry use is considered 'Natural'. 'Natural' classification means the material has received no treatment or enhancement. It has been mined, cleaned, cut & polished. 
The other 97% of turquoise mined undergo various treatments to enhance strength so that it is durable for your jewelry. The common treatments are classified as 'Stabilized'. At times the treatments may permanently enhance the color, not to be confused with dyed. Unless disclosed as Natural, all of my turquoise is Stabilized. Jasper, Agates and other stones of the like generally do not undergo any treatments for stabilization.

Fine Gems: (Diamonds, Sapphires, Rubies, etc) Most precious gemstones that are used in Fine Jewelry undergo a treatment process to permanently enhance color or clarity. The enhancement is usually obtained by subjecting the raw material to high heat. This is considered very normal and acceptable in the jewelry industry. Please consider that any precious gemstone used in my jewelry will have a treatment as described above. *All diamonds purchased through my industry trade vendor are certified conflict-free under The Kimberley Process 

Any treatments above and beyond normal on any stone I use, precious or not, that I'm aware of will be disclosed.

Jewelry Care

The old saying holds true: Your jewelry should be the last thing you put on and the first to take off. Perfumes, lotions, hair products, soaps and other chemicals, even body oils, can have an adverse effect of the look of your jewelry and cause discoloration of metals and porous stones over time. Your jewelry should not be cleaned with jewelry-specific cleaning solutions as they can damage stones and remove patina. Avoid using DIY home cleaning methods using baking soda or toothpaste, as those compounds are abrasive enough to dull and scratch metals and softer gemstones. I recommend light cleaning with water and mild soap followed immediately with soft cloth drying. Turquoise, pearl or other porous stone jewelry should be cleaned with water only and dried immediately with a soft cloth. 

Sterling silver will naturally oxidize (patina) over time. The best way to keep your sterling jewelry from completely oxidizing is simple. Wear it often! Or, store your pieces in a zip lock baggie. That will cut down on the oxidization process. A lot of my work comes to you with some degree of patina that I have used in the final finishing to create contrast in the recessed areas of design. If you find that your sterling is becoming really dark over the raised areas of your piece, you may use a silver polishing cloth to gently remove that oxidation. Avoid using the polishing cloth in the recessed areas; that patina should stay and will only become richer and deeper over time.

Do not wear your sterling jewelry in swimming pools, hot tubs or hot springs.

My jewelry is built to be durable and should be worn and enjoyed often. However, there is no way to get around wear and tear, and the degree of wear and tear looks different for each person. Avoid wearing rings and cuffs to the gym or while doing yard work. Think of it like this: If you are doing something that is beating up your hands or arms, it’s beating up your jewelry too. Gemstones and metals are only as tough as their natural hardness.