Q: Are you taking Custom Orders?

A: Thank you for thinking of me to be the one to make a special piece of jewelry for you. Unfortunately custom orders are not being accepted at this time and I do not have a waitlist. My desire right now is to work freely on large collections and single statement pieces to keep the shelves stocked on a more regular basis. 

Custom work requires so much of my time and attention alone that I cannot do both in a timely manner. As a one-woman show here, the influx of requests received would require a wait-list of several months out. I don't believe that would serve anyone very well. 

I look forward to bringing new designs and collections to you and I hope that something just perfect for you catches your eye!

Q: Where can I visit you and see your work? 

A: My private working studio is actually a part of my home!  All of my finished and available jewelry can be seen and purchased here in the Shop section of my website. At this time I have not released any of my work to be offered here locally or in any other independent locations.

I will be keeping my Etsy shop open for the time being as I toggle back & forth between both platforms. All previews and details of upcoming work will be shown on my Instagram @brokenpinestudio and my Facebook Page as Broken Pine Studio.

Q: I don't know my ring or cuff size! What should I do?

A: It's easier than it seems! Simply stop by your local jeweler and ask them to size your finger for you. Having a professional measure your finger is going to give you an accurate size and most are happy to help you out!

Ring band width versus your ring size: It's important to understand that the width of a ring band can have a huge effect on your ring size and how it feels. The wider the ring band is, the tighter it is going to feel for your standard ring size. All of my rings are sized to accommodate that adjustment for varying band widths.

Cuff sizing: This is easy too! Take a complete measure around your entire wrist holding the tape measure as snug or as loose as you would want a cuff to fit. Ideally, cuff bracelets should fit snug. I'll make adjustments on my end for the wrist opening based on the measure you give me. 

If you are unsure of the proper way to put on your cuff without manipulating the cuff band, please watch this great video created by the folks at Durango Silver Company.     

Q: Do you offer Wholesale?

A: I do not offer my work for wholesale accounts at this time. Simply put, I am not a high output maker as much as I try to be! I do not produce enough pieces each month to offer them at wholesale rates that wouldn't require me to change the way I create or increase my hours in the studio to off-set the terms.

One of the most important considerations for me in the work I do goes far beyond just the making and selling. From the first seeds of communication planted to the packaging and shipping of each piece that is chosen and purchased, I have a direct hand in the complete process to come full circle. I believe I would lose a bit of that magic if I released my work for wholesale.

Have another question? Please feel free to contact me here.