The Broken Pine Story

Following on the heels of my deep love for the arts in mediums of oil paint, watercolor and charcoal drawings, I began my journey into goldsmithing as a young apprentice for an old-school, fine jewelry desinger in the small Sierra Nevada mountain town of Truckee, California. It was my time spent learning with him that the curiosity for creating with metals and gemstones in mountain themed and nature inspired designs began. Today, most aspects of working over the metals come like second nature but there are many concepts and ideas I consider that require a lot of trial & error to bring a piece to fruition. Creating is a continual ebb & flow of merging uncertainty with familiar movements.

My home and studio looks out over our farm to the Crater Lake Rim and the Sky Lakes Wilderness in southeast Oregon. The jewelry I make is artfully created in reclaimed metals of sterling, fine silver and solid karat gold. The gemstones used are genuine and diverse. The tools in hand are simple, well-loved and passed down from the goldsmiths I worked with years ago, and purposely limited to stay true to the art of handmade jewelry. 

I am continually inspired by the time that I've spent in the backcountry, my home and my family, and an honest testimony to the life I live. Each piece that is born of my hands is intentionally handcrafted with the expectation that you will take it wherever your adventures on road or foot may lead you.

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