May  13, 2017
Old, which is about to become new again.This is a hefty mish-mash of old and new precious scrap metals. I see the pure, fine silver ribbons from which I've trimmed my bezels. There are many serrated pieces that are the exact opposites of pieces that hold my mountainscapes. You may be wearing it's match right now. I see an old chunky ring that I practiced my first sizings on in 2001. I promise I'm much better these days. I see a piece that has been re-used and recycled to the point of brittle and burnt, that it is no longer useable for jewelry. It will need to be sent to the refiner for cash-out.
I see the bulbous casting sprues from the 80's made by the old jeweler that took me in as an apprentice. When he shut down shop, I purchased all the tools and equipment at a generous discount with the few bucks I had. The last thing he handed me was a grubby box with the old casting sprues, some in silver but most of them in karat gold, and a cheap bottle of wine.
I see old and unwanted jewelry that had belonged to others but was traded in for scrap value on credit towards new. Single earrings, broken clasps. Maybe promises, and maybe some heartaches too. I see a couple of my own in there. If only old jewelry could speak stories in words. There's a nice cuff I just pulled out of that pile that I'm pretty sure is vintage Native and it fits me perfectly. It can continue its story with me.
This is the beginning process in which I make most of your jewelry. I take the leftover scrap, melt it down and make new. This is recycling, reclaiming or re-purposing. 

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