July 20, 2018
Offerings to the sleeping giant. Here at the highest point of the Newberry Crater we had the whole place to ourselves and wondered why we had never taken the drive up here before last night. Brisk winds whipped my hair around us. Expansive views of the Cascade Range laid out in hazy honesty before us and the stark obsidian lava flows steep below us. The cinder cone dotted landscape of the high desert asked for quiet contemplation as we slowly turned to take it all in like dusty pirouette dancers

As sun starting dropping faster & faster we could hear distant vehicles coming in off the washboard. One after another they all pulled in to gather up with us at the edge of that crater like a little army bathed in golden light. We saluted it’s departure and the twilight drew dark at our backs. Yeah, it was good. Yeah, it was a sunset party.

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