July 9, 2017
I can almost guarantee you this would be the best night of sleep you would ever have. A lot of my backcountry night time fears were bred within the confines of a tent. Night time sounds were amplified on the other side of micro nylon while I lay awake imagining the worst toothy creature out there. After many years of that I discovered that I sleep well and usually the entire night through when I keep the tent packed away. I feel I have the power of fight or flight if necessary, when I'm not trapped inside a tent. It only comes out in cases of rain or heavy mosquitoes. Nature is the best cloak for privacy.
It would be a shame to miss the full experience of sleeping atop a massive granite knob under the alpenglow while a waterfall roars across the canyon. It would be a bummer to miss the bats appear one by one flying against a dusky sky, as the first planet and stars appear. It would be a drag to wake up in the middle of the night and not see that glowing Milky Way splashed out behind the silhouette of inky pine trees.
Cowboy camping. I highly recommend.

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