January 3, 2019

I didn’t set out to make any New Year resolutions this year, and I believe it’s the first time I’ve not. 
You see, when I go about ruminating on a past year to propel me into a fresh year, I start picking apart all the things I didn’t accomplish or the things I didn’t do well and I chalk them up as failures. Maybe I didn’t hustle hard enough, maybe I made the hustle my priority, maybe I didn’t prioritize anything well at all, and maybe I didn’t do all the things I thought or said I would. I start off a new year with all my brand new absolutes as well as the old unfulfilled ones, and don’t take into consideration all the other true absolutes that will railroad even the best of intentions...and soon the bucket of anxiety fills up as I’m staring down a 365 day alarm clock. Not to say that goals aren’t essential & healthy. Most are indeed, and fuel growth.

I’m finding that most of mine don’t have a ‘best by’ date and most don’t come by way of A-ha! moments, but instead come about like a slow unfurling. I’m learning to be content in my day-to-day and satisfied in slow progress. Perhaps that’s my best “anti” resolution of all. Who knows.
I do know for certain though, that I won’t be an easy early riser anytime soon. I’ve been trying for years to meet 6am with joy, but 8am is where it’s at.

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