April 2, 2017

Showy Sky Pilot. Polemonium Eximium. One of many, many wildflowers to be found, but this wildflower is born of the alpine heavens among the highest mountain peaks and slopes and considered a rarity. Sky Pilot is endemic to specific areas of the Sierra Nevada mountains in elevations of 10k-14k feet. It sparsely thrives in a very short growing season in a moonscape of stark granite talus.

Each bloom only survives one day of its growing season. Only one day...and what a sight to behold. I was lucky to find this and another small bouquet on both my ascent and descent of Forester Pass on the Kings-Kern Divide. It was a true reward in the face of a very challenging day.
The Showy Sky Pilot bloom is behind the inspiration for the release of my Spring collection this year graciously named Primavera, meaning Spring or first bloom. Paying homage to the wild beauty that survives and thrives in hard places.

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